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JLH Counseling, LLC
Directions to My Office
My office is located at 10 Auer Court, Suite E in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The complex is called Williamburg Commons. It is brick entrance off Summerhill Road with Williamsburg Commons written on the brick. The complex is made up of numbered buildings. The number '10' in the address stands for Building 10. When you enter the complex, GO RIGHT and then make your immediate right into the parking lot. There will be buildings in front of you. Walk between the two buildings and building 10 is off toward the right in the back. There is a brick path directly behind the sign for building 10 that will take you to its entrance. Once you enter the building, go up the stairs and my door (10E) will be directly in front of you. I have also provided a map below. Click on the map for a larger view.